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Anna Kisil (1960-2020)


Anna Kisil (1960-2020) – a well-known public figure, philanthropist, longstanding leader, and a voice for Ukrainian newcomers to Canada. She was born in Ukraine, where she graduated from Lviv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Civil Engineering, and has lived in Toronto since 1991. Anna Kisil was a one of the co-founders and long-term President of the Fourth Wave International Organization of Ukrainian Communities, Vice - President of the Ukrainian World Congress, and Chair of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations. In addition, she was an accomplished female entrepreneur who managed to build a successful business in Canada and Ukraine.


Anna Kisil was also a philanthropist who generously supported numerous projects in Ukraine and the diaspora, including helping orphaned children, the publication of books, and the developing women's movement. For her services to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, Anna Kisil has been awarded several honours, including the President of Ukraine's Medal on the occasion of 25 Years of Ukraine's Independence and the Ivan Mazepa Cross.


In recognition of her lifelong passion for serving the community, IOUC Fourth Wave has introduced Anna Kisil Scholarship to empower our youth and build a stronger civil society.


Projects in memory of Anna Kisil



IOUC "Fourth Wave" acknowledges the importance of education and community activism in empowering youth and building a stronger civil society. Thus, we have established a Scholarship Fund named after Anna Kisil. This scholarship will be awarded to Ukrainian nationals, 18-24 years old, enrolled in the undergraduate program of an accredited college or university in Canada, and actively engaged in student activities and volunteerism.


To pay tribute to Anna Kisil, the outstanding person, who made an invaluable input to the development of the Ukrainian community worldwide, and to raise funds for the Scholarship Fund, we are honored to organize the Evening of Literature and Music in Memory of Anna Kisil, "Born to Bring Kindness into the World"

Конкурс дятячоі творчості ім. Анни Кисіль

IOUC "Fourth Wave" has established the Children's Art Competition named by Anna Kisil to honour the life achievements and continue the good deeds of Ms. Anna.
Anna Kisil was the founder of our organization, a patron, a kind, sincere and extraordinary person. She has supported children and artists throughout her life. Her generosity and kindness remain in the hearts of many as an example of how true happiness lies in the ability to do good and inspire others to do great things.

Anna Kisil's Creative Achievement:


збірка поезії Анни Кісіль

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