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On October 15, 2023, the International Organization of Ukrainian Communities "Fourth Wave" held a ceremonial awarding of scholarships named after Anna Kisil. The project aimed to provide financial assistance to newly arrived youth from Ukraine, who decided to continue their studies in Canada, despite all the difficulties of moving and adapting to a new country. This Project was launched by our organization upon the initiative of Nadia Zastavna, a member of the "Fourth Wave" Board of Directors.

To implement this idea, as well as to continue the noble deeds of the co-founder and patron of our organization Anna Kisil, the Evening of Literature and Music in Memory of Anna Kisil was held on March 4, 2023. We still fondly remember the warm atmosphere that prevailed at this event. Thanks to the financial support of The Buduchnist Credit Union and BCU Foundation, The Ukrainian Credit Union, The Olzhych Foundation, The Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation, The Temerty Foundation, The Petro Yatsyk Education Foundation, The Caravan Transport Group, The Mitchell, Bardyn and Zalucky LLP, The TELEX Corporation, The Meest Canada, as well as many other benefactors, we were able to bring the first stage of the project to life. Once again, we express our gratitude to our sponsors and hope for your generous support in the future.

And this day has come... The awarding of scholarships took place in the beautiful gallery of the Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation (KUMF Gallery) in Toronto. The event was attended by members of the scholarship committee, members of the "Fourth Wave" Board, the president of the Ukrainian Congress of Canada (UCC), Toronto branch Petro Schturyn, the member of the Board of Buduchnist Credit Union and BCU Foundation Bohdan Leshchyshyn, the chairman of the Encyclopedia of Ukraine Foundation and the member of the scholarship committee Oleh Iwanusiw with his wife Bozhena Iwanusiw, the president of Ukrainian Canadian Social Services in Canada, and the administrative director of the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation in Toronto Oksana Kulynych, Anna Kisil's son Andriy Kisil with his wife Oresta, and other guests. Three scholarship recipients - Anastasiia Kostianets, Vladyslav Slovskyi, Dmytro Zaichenko - joined us virtually, while the fourth finalist, Yana Nechyporuk, was present at the ceremony.


The evening was opened by the head of the Scholarship Committee, Nadiya Zastavna. She recalled the sincere philanthropic spirit of Anna Kisil and her vision of the role of education in raising progressive youth capable of building strong Ukraine. 

Oksana Kulynych shared how Anna Kisil had collaborated closely with the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation for many years. According to her, Anna Kisil believed that Ukraine's destiny lay in the hands of the younger generation, and thus, educating the youth is the key to ensuring a prosperous future for the Ukrainian state. Strong knowledge requires significant investment.

The meticulous work of the Scholarship Committee members — Nadiya Zastavna, Tamila Karpyk, Oleh Iwanusiw, Nadia Babyuk, Maria Miroutenko, and Halyna Kostiuk — was duly acknowledged. Applicants for the scholarship were required to provide confirmation from their educational institution of enrollment starting from September of the current year, demonstrate academic success, exhibit involvement in the Ukrainian community - an active life position, and demonstrate proficiency in the Ukrainian language. Ms. Nadiya explained that the committee received over 30 applications, and each applicant was a worthy candidate for receiving the scholarship.

The member of the Scholarship Committee, Tamila Karpyk, introduced the attendees to the scholarship recipients and gave each of them the opportunity to briefly present their dreams, ambitions, and hopes. The sincere stories shared by the students were a vivid testament to the talented youth that deserves support.

Our scholarship recipients are from different parts of Ukraine. Anastasiia Kostianets comes from Odesa, but lived most of her life in Transcarpathia. She is a student at Carleton University in Ottawa and dreams of working in the medical field. Anastasiia is a member of the Ukrainian Student Club at the university, was a longtime leader in "Plast" in Ukraine and now continues her involvement in Canada.

Vladyslav Slovskyi was born in Chernivtsi, Bukovyna. He is studying economics at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, and has already gained valuable experience and made a good impression working at UCC Toronto, Rodan Energy Solutions, and other organizations.

Dmytro Zaichenko comes from Kharkiv and is studying to become a programmer at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. His entire family resides in Ukraine, so he must support himself financially while studying. Despite this, Dmytro is an active member of the Ukrainian Student Club at the university.

Yana Nechyporuk is a student at Seneca College in Toronto, studying finance. Originally from Kharkiv, she also continues her distance education at the university in Ukraine, focusing on English language and economics. Yana has diverse interests and is actively involved in the Ukrainian community.

The head of the International Organization of Ukrainian Communities "Fourth Wave", Lyubov Slavatynska, warmly thanked all those involved and welcomed the scholarship recipients, expressing hope that they will actively advocate for Ukrainian issues on the international stage in the future.

The event was adorned by the enchanting performance on the bandura by Tetiana Cherneta, a candidate of art history, bandura player-vocalist, and associate professor at the Department of Academic and Pop Vocal at the Faculty of Musical Art and Choreography of Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University (2016-2023), and an expert of the Ukrainian cultural fund.

Sincere thanks for cooperation to the head of the KUMF Oleh Lesiuk, and the administrator Diana Melnychuk.

We continue to work together for the benefit of Canada and Ukraine, and invite everyone interested to collaborate.

Photos by: Olga Hnatyuk, Mykola Swarnyk


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