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"Born to bring goodness to the world" 


The charity literary and artistic evening in memory of Anna Kisil was a truly moving and memorable event. Anna Kisil was an outstanding individual who made significant contributions to the Ukrainian diaspora and to Ukraine itself, particularly in the areas of philanthropy and cultural development.

"Born to bring goodness to the world" is an evening dedicated to an outstanding Ukrainian woman who made a special contribution to the development of Ukrainian public life in the diaspora and support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

The charity literary and artistic evening in memory of Anna Kisil "Born to bring goodness to the world" was attended by more than two hundred spectators on March 4 at Old Mill Toronto.

It's heartening to hear that so many people were touched by Anna's life and legacy, and that her spirit of love for life continues to live on in the hearts of those who knew her. The variety of emotions that were felt by the audience is a testament to the multifaceted nature of Anna's personality and the many ways in which she impacted those around her.

The event was organized by the IOUC Fourth Wave, with the support of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations and the Foundation of the Encyclopedia of Ukraine. It's inspiring to see so many organizations come together to honor Anna's memory and to continue her work of supporting and enriching Ukrainian culture and communities.

The Anna Kisil memorial evening was a beautiful tribute to a remarkable woman, and a testament to the power of art, culture, and community to bring people together and celebrate the best of humanity.

Funds from the event are directed to the Scholarship Fund named after Anna Kisil.

Photo - Olga Hnatiuk, Mykola Svarnyk.

Many thanks to everyone who was with us!


Memories of Anna Kisil 

Anna Kisil in the memories of her family, friends, and colleagues

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