Fundraiser  for  the 
Children  of  Ukraine

 So far we have:
  • We sent 4 ​ambulances to Ukraine
  • Sent 3 containers with humanitarian aid
  • 6 pallets of medicinal help
  • Helped over 150 Ukrainian families resettle in Canada
  • Collected and sent over $860,000 worth of humanitarian aid

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План на червень


$16500 – літній табір для дітей новоприбулих

15 дітей – на кожну дитину  $1100

На даний момент зібрано $3280

Щиро дякуємо за пожертву:  

Оля К.

Володимир Т.

Тарас В.

 Plan for June

$ 16,500 - summer camp for newcomers

15 children - $ 1,100 for each child

$ 3280 has been raised so far

Thank you very much for your donation:

Olya K.

Volodymyr T.

Taras V.


Today Ukraine is at its darkest period and its citizens are reeling under the tragedy that has hit the country. In order to assist civilian organisations in Ukraine, massive and wide-reaching help is needed. Hence, in addition to reaching out to all Ukrainian-Canadians and friends of Ukraine around the world, we are also approaching global, international and regional companies to ask for assistance to help us with providing the much needed support for the active organisations doing the much needed emergency and humanitarian work on the ground.

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